Tattooga is a Pirates LEGO Ideas minifigure who appears in the set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.


Tattooga reuses the head piece from teenage Wu, with a short black mustache and goatee along with stubble, and has black hair tied into a bun. His bare-skinned bright yellow torso is decorated with tattoos of an anchor, mermaids, Popsy, and the Black Seas Barracuda. He wears dark green pants.


Tattooga is a member of Captain Redbeard's crew. He is master craftsman possessing great physical strength, even rumored to have beaten a shark in an arm-wrestling contest.

Tattooga originally started with an anchor tattoo. After being shipwrecked on Barracuda Bay for years, he continued to add more tattoos to his body, with the Black Seas Barracuda tattoo on his back most likely being his favorite.[1]


  • Tattooga's name is likely a portmanteau of "tattoo" and "tortuga", the Spanish word for turtle and the namesake of the real-world pirate stronghold Tortuga Island.
  • In an interview with minifigure designer Austin Carlson, he described Tattooga as an older version of "the one pirate that wore the open vest that showed his anchor tattoo", which could refer to either Tattoo McGoo or Parma Sean LaFeet. The Brothers Brick webpage for the interview links directly to Tattoo McGoo's BrickLink page, although it is unclear if this link was retroactively added in by the Brothers Brick or if Austin really was referring specifically to this particular minifigure.[1]


LEGO Description This is a description taken from 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay. Please do not modify it.

Master craftsman with extraordinary strength. Rumor has it, he once beat a shark in an arm-wrestling contest. This is a description taken from Behind the scenes of LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay with designers Milan Madge and Austin Carlson. Please do not modify it.

What was your process for updating and aging the pirate crew?

Austin: A lot of the aging was to see how far we can take it before it becomes goofy. Redbeard had to be older but I wanted to make sure he still had fire behind that Minifigure eye of his! So his outfit is a little cut into now and the most obvious sign of aging is that little grey in his trademark red beard of his. If we continue his story he may need to rename himself to Captain Greybeard! And do you remember the one pirate that wore the open vest that showed his anchor tattoo? After being on the island for so long he continued to add more to his body! Besides his trusted anchor he added a few mermaids and Popsy parrots tattoos! The Black Seas Barracuda [on his back] is probably his favorite addition though!