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Team Up is an City Online Game. In it, players control the Heavy-Duty Helicopter and Patrol Car as they avoid obstacles in their pursuit of a criminal. There are twelve levels.


The game starts with a mini-game while the screen loads. In it, players have to catch the money falling down while avoiding the handcuffs.

The goal of the game is to use the Heavy-Duty Helicopter and Patrol Car simultaneously (hence the name "team up") to get to catch the criminal in the shortest time possible. Along the way there are various obstacles that, if hit, slow the vehicles down, and power-ups that increase the vehicles' speed by one degree. These obstacles and power-ups can be found both on the ground and in the air. There are various achievements that can be earned, such as completing a certain number of levels, completing a certain number of levels in a specified time, reaching a certain speed, and not hitting a single obstacle in a level. Each level has at least one major obstacle. When this happens, you must press the arrow keys in the order shown on screen in order to have one of the vehicles act to get rid of the helicopter. Most of these require the helicopter's response, though a water geyser needs the car to be used. At the end of each level, the car and helicopter arrive at the scene of the criminal's vehicle's crash with a particular obstacle, ending the level. Players are then shown their time, and given the option to retry the level, proceed to the next level, check the trophy assortment, or go to the level-selection menu.


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