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TechPlay was a sub-theme of TECHNIC from 1995 to 1999.

List of Sets

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
2129-Blast-Off Dragster.jpg2129Blast-Off Dragster63 1997
8203 Rover Discovery.jpg8203Rover Discovery37 1998
8204 Sky Flyer 1 .jpg8204Sky Flyer 140 1998
8205 Front.png8205Bungee Blaster63$6.991997
8207.jpg8207Dune Duster82$7.991996
8208-Custom Cruiser.jpg8208Custom Cruiser53 1998
8209 Future F1.jpg8209Future F149 1998
8210 GTX.jpg8210Nitro Bike GTX / GTX 50086$19.991995
8213 Spy Runner.png8213Spy Runner100$10.001998
8215-1nstcruct.gif8215Gyro Copter108$7.991997
8216-Turbo 1.jpg8216Turbo 197 1997
8217-The Wasp.jpg8217The Wasp64 1998
8218-Trike Tourer.jpg8218Trike Tourer70 1998
8219-Go-Cart.jpg8219Go-Cart103 1998
8222.jpg8222V-TOL141TECHNIC Figure 1997
8223-Hydrofoil 7.jpg8223Hydrofoil 7125TECHNIC Figure 1996
8225 Super Kart.jpg8225Road Rally V / Super Kart951 1995
Mudmasher.jpg8226Mud Masher120$12.991998
8229.jpg8229Tread Trekker185TECHNIC Figure$21.991997
8230 Coastal Cop Buggy.jpg8230Coastal Cop Buggy / Miami Police Patrol176$21.991996
8232-Chopper Force.jpg8232Chopper Force2801 TECHNIC Figure$24.991997
8235.jpg8235Front End Loader1651$30.001995
8244convert-ables.jpg8244Convertables276TECHNIC Figure$32.991996
MVC-319F.jpg8246Hydro Racer / Swamp Boat46$3.991999
8247.jpg8247Road Rebel / Buggy Racer44$5.991999
8248-Forklift.jpg8248Forklift2321 TECHNIC Figure$14.991998
8299 8250 Search Sub.jpg8250Search Sub3761$49.991997
149px-VOC.jpg8251Sonic Cycle89$7.991999
8252-1.1138956198.thumb2.jpg8252Beach Buster1681 TECHNIC figure$19.991999
8253 Fire Helicopter.jpg8253Fire Helicopter2111 TECHNIC Figure 1999
8255box.jpg8255Rescue Bike2022 TECHNIC figures$14.991999
8277-Giant Model Set.jpg8277Giant Model Set554$39.991997
8280 Fire Engine.jpg8280Fire Engine4242 TECHNIC Figures 1995
8286-1.jpg82863-In-1 Car7342$83.991996
8299 8250 Search Sub.jpg8299Search Sub w/CDROM376TECHNIC Figure$49.991997