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Tee Vee is Alpha Team's communications robot. A similar robot, perhaps an alternate counterpart, is known as Seymour TeeVee, and was created by J.B. to assist her in dealing with threats from the Hidden Side.



Tee Vee in the intro animation for LEGO Logic, the game that was redesigned into LEGO Alpha Team

In the original video game LEGO Alpha Team on which the sets were based,[1] Tee Vee assisted the player, giving tips and tutorials. Tee Vee is one of only two characters that were kept when the game was redesigned from its initial concept into LEGO Alpha Team, the other being Ogel.


Tee Vee appeared in set 6775 Alpha Team Bomb Squad. His appearance was like that in LEGO Logic/LEGO Alpha Team, but with the transparent blue electric light bulb cover (part 4773) replaced with a 1x1 round plate in the same color.


In 2002, Alpha Team went underwater to stop Ogel from mutating sea life, and Tee Vee appeared as an ROV to allow him to help underwater. The ROV is larger, with a yellow and black colour scheme. In the Comic Adventure "Into The Deep" Tee Vee still appeared in his original form, but could activate rover mode, putting his "mind" in control of the ROV and leaving his normal body back inside the submarine.


When Alpha Team was relaunched in 2004, Tee Vee was shown to have a new android body.


TeeVee makes an appearance in the 2020 Hidden Side set 70436 Phantom Fire Truck 3000. The figure closely resembles the original 2001 design.



  • The Wu Bots from 71756 Hydro Bounty resemble Tee Vee.
    • The designer of the set, Niek van Slagmaat called them "Tea Vee" as a reference to Wu's love for tea.[2]