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Recyclebin.png This template is a candidate for deletion. If you agree or disagree with this, please discuss on Articles for Deletion page before removing this template.
Deleting reason: No reason given.
You can also request a deletion in the thread Articles for Deletion.

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  • {{Delete}}

or if you would like to give a reason (recommended):

  • {{Delete|Optionally you can include a reason here}}

If the reason for the template on the article is that the article was added to Brickipedia:Articles for Deletion, you can create a link to it by replacing the parameter one with AFS:

  • {{Delete|AFD}}

If the page was nominated in Articles for Deletion, but you want to add your own comment, you can add it in a second parameter:

  • {{Delete|AFD|You can include an additional reason here}}


All articles which have this template are placed in Category:Pages for Deletion.

See also

If you are dealing with a vandalism page that needs to be deleted, you can use {{Speedydelete}} instead.

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