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This template must be used in conjunction with {{HistoryEntry}} and {{HistoryCurrent}}. Usage of these three templates together is as follows:

| date =
| oldid =
| process =
| result =

If there is more than one entry in need of being added, the "HistoryEntry" section, ie

| date =
| oldid =
| process =
| result =

should be copied, and pasted before the {{HistoryCurrent line.

The "date" field should list the date that the event first took place, and the "oldid" field should be the number identifying the article at that point in time. This number can be found by clicking the "history" tab on an article, and clicking on an old revision. The number should be present in the URL of this page, preceded by "&oldid=".

"result" should be used only when needed, and should consist only have words such as "Success", "Failure" and "Keep" entered into it.

Possible parameters for "process" and "status" are:

  • FA, for Featured article
  • FFA, for Former featured article
  • FFA/GA, for Former featured article which is now a Good article
  • FFAC, for Failed featured article candidate
  • C1, for Class 1 article
  • GA, for Good article
  • FC1, for Former class 1 article
  • FGA, for Former good article
  • FC1N, for Failed class 1 article nominee
  • FGAN, for Failed good article nominee
  • C2, for Class 2 article
  • CA, for Complete article
  • FC2, for Former class 2 article
  • FCA, for Former complete article
  • FC2N, for Failed class 2 article nominee
  • FCAN, for Failed complete article nominee
  • FAC, for Featured article candidate
  • FACR, for Featured article candidate review
  • FAR, for Featured article review
  • GAN, for Good article nomination
  • C1R, for Class 1 article review
  • GAR, for Good article review
  • C2N, for Class 2 nomination
  • CAN, for Complete article nomination
  • C2R, for Class 2 article review
  • CAR, for Complete article review
  • C3, for Class 3 article
  • C4, for Class 4 article
  • C5, for Class 5 article
  • AFR, for Request for article to be rated
  • K, for Article kept after Articles for Scrap
  • R, for Article deleted after Articles for Scrap; later recreated
  • AFS, for Articles for Scrap


| date =June 22, 2010
| oldid =231051
| process =CA
| result =
| date =June 23, 2010
| oldid =231184
| process =GAN
| result =Success


Article milestones
Date Process Result
June 22, 2010 Complete article
June 23, 2010 Good article nomination Success
Current status: Good article
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