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This template has a sandbox (edit) for editors to experiment. 

This template provides a common design for messageboxes and is should only be used to create messagebox templates. It's not intended to be used in articles directly.

|Flag color=
|Border color=
|Background color=
|Message text=


Flag color

Defines the color of the wide border on the left and denotes the purpose the message. If this is left blank the color is set to grey (#aaaaaa). Use one of the following colors instead:

  • #EE9A00 for templates related to maintenance.
  • FireBrick for templates related to deletion.
  • #27408B for neutral content related templates.

Border color

Is set to grey (#aaaaaa) when left blank.

Background color

Is set to WhiteSmoke (#f5f5f5) when left blank.


Optional value. The size of the image has to be specified as usual. Normally in the 50px to 90px range.


Should contain the message text.


|Flag color=ForestGreen 
|Border color=
|Background color=
|Message text=<span style="line-height:1.3;">'''This messagebox serves no other purpose than to act as an example.'''<br><small>Please don't use it anywhere.</small></span>
Dialog-information This messagebox serves no other purpose than to act as an example.
Please don't use it anywhere.

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