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Copy and paste the following into an article. Fill in the information next to the "=" sign so that it can be displayed on the article.

|Title = 
|Image = 
|Theme = 
|Variations = 
|Accessories = 
|Years = 
|Voice =
|Appearances = 

Note: The years listed must be separated by a comma.


Here is an example for using the template. It results in the infobox on the right.

|Title = Darth Vader
|Image = 2009 Darth Vader.jpg
|Theme = [[Star Wars]]
|Variations = Darth Vader<br>Darth Vader (New torso)<br>Darth Vader {{C|Battle Damaged}}<br>Chrome Darth Vader<br>See also: [[Anakin Skywalker]]
|Accessories = Red [[lightsaber]]<br>Helmet<br>[[Cape]]
|Years = [[1999]], [[2000]], [[2002]], [[2004]], [[2005]], [[2006]], [[2008]], [[2009]]
|Voice = TBA
|Appearances = [[10123 Cloud City]]<br>[[7200 Final Duel I]]<br>[[3340 Star Wars #2]]<br>[[7150 TIE Advanced & Y-Wing]]<br>[[7152 TIE Advanced & Y-Wing]]<br>[[7262 TIE Advanced & Y-Wing]]<br>[[7264 Imperial Inspection]]<br>[[10131 TIE Collection]]<br>[[7251 Darth Vader Transformation]] {{C|No Cape}}<br>[[6211 Imperial Star Destroyer]]<br>[[7263 TIE Fighter]]<br>[[7672 Rogue Shadow]] {{C|Battle Damaged}}<br>[[8017 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter]]<br>[[10188 Death Star]] {{C|New Design}}<br>[[International Toy Fair 2005 promotional set]]{{c|Light-up}}<br>[[K10131 Battle of Yavin Collection]]<br>[[4547551 Chrome Darth Vader]] {{C|Chrome}}
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