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Copy and paste the following code into and article. Fill in the information next to the "=" sign so that it can be displayed on the article. Only fill in the information you know about, empty fields will not be displayed. This template can accommodate for 90 minifigures in a set, if there are less, feel free to remove any unneeded fields. The minifigure's image should be that of its exact variant- if there is no image available of this variant, leave the field blank or upload an image. Image fields may be left blank, but all text fields for each included minifigure should be filled out.


An example of this template for the 10188 Death Star is included below.

|txt1=[[Luke Skywalker]] (Tatooine)
|txt2=[[Luke Skywalker]] (Stormtrooper disguise)
|txt3=[[Luke Skywalker]] (Jedi Master)
|txt4=[[Han Solo]] (Brown legs)
|txt5=[[Han Solo]] (Stormtrooper disguise)
|txt6=[[Princess Leia]]
|txt7=[[Ben Kenobi]]
|img8=2009 Darth Vader.jpg
|txt8=[[Darth Vader]] (new design)
|img9=Chewbacca Reddish Brown.jpg
|txt10=[[R2-D2]] (new design)
|txt11=[[C-3PO]] (new design)
|img12=Emporer Palpatine (new face).jpg
|txt12=[[Emperor Palpatine]] (new design)
|img13=Grand Moff Tarkin.jpg
|txt13=[[Grand Moff Tarkin]]
|txt14=[[Assassin Droid]] (white)
|txt16=[[Stormtrooper]] (Two)
|txt17=[[Royal Guard]] (black hands) (Two)
|img18=Mouse Droid.jpg
|txt18=[[Mouse Droid]]
|img20=Death Star Droid.jpg
|txt20=[[Death Star Droid]]
|img21=Death Star Trooper.jpg
|txt21=[[Death Star Trooper]] (Two)


2009 Darth Vader.jpg
Chewbacca Reddish Brown.jpg
Emporer Palpatine (new face).jpg
Grand Moff Tarkin.jpg
Mouse Droid.jpg
Death Star Droid.jpg
Death Star Trooper.jpg
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper disguise)Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)Han Solo (Brown legs)Han Solo (Stormtrooper disguise)Princess LeiaBen KenobiDarth Vader (new design)ChewbaccaR2-D2 (new design)C-3PO (new design)Emperor Palpatine (new design)Grand Moff TarkinAssassin Droid (white)R2-Q5Stormtrooper (Two)Royal Guard (black hands) (Two)Mouse DroidIT-ODeath Star DroidDeath Star Trooper (Two)

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