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Use this template to create special messagebox templates or use it directly to display a notification on a page.

Note: This design is only intended for temporary messages. For maintenance tags and messages that are displayed for a longer time use Template:MessageBox instead. For tags that are displayed indefinitely use Template:MessageBox2.


Paste the following code into the edit box of the template you want to create or the page where you want to place a notification

{{ NotificationBox
|Urgency level=

The urgency level defines the color of the box.

  • Set it to 1 for a green box (used for notifications and friendly warnings)
  • Set it to 2 for a blue box (used for more important notfications and friendly warnings)
  • Set it to 3 for an orange box (used for important notifications)
  • Set it to 4 for a red box (used for urgent notifications and severe warnings)

Use one of the following images in an accompanying color:

Nuvola apps important green.svg Ambox warning blue.svg Ambox warning yellow.svg Warning sign.png

For more icons see Category:Icons.


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