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(Replaced content with "{{delete|Off topic/spam}}")
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<includeonly>{{delete|Off topic/spam}}</includeonly>
{{delete|Off topic/spam}}
<noinclude><div id="title-rating">{{Rating/core|{{{1|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{2|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{3|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{4|}}}}}</div><div id="title-rating2">{{Rating/core2|{{{1|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{2|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{3|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{4|}}}}}</div>[[articleRating::{{{1}}}| ]]{{documentation}}</noinclude>

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Recyclebin This template is a candidate for deletion. If you agree or disagree with this, please discuss on Articles for Deletion page before removing this template.
Deleting reason: Off topic/spam
You can also request a deletion in the thread Articles for Deletion.
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