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<div id="title-rating">{{Rating/core|{{{1|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{2|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{3|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{4|}}}}}</div><div id="title-rating2">{{Rating/core2|{{{1|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{2|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{3|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{4|}}}}}</div><noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude>
<div id="title-rating">{{Rating/core|{{{1|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{2|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{3|}}}}}{{Rating/core|{{{4|}}}}}</div><div id="title-rating2">{{Rating/core2|{{{1|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{2|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{3|}}}}}{{Rating/core2|{{{4|}}}}}</div>[[articleRating::{{{1}}}| ]]<noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude>

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Template-info Template documentation

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Rating/doc. (edit | history)
This template has a sandbox (edit) and testcases (edit) for editors to experiment.

Insert this template at the top of a any article that does not have it. If you are not a member of Quality Check Group, treat the article you are putting the rating template on as unrated (see below). Only members of the Quality Check Group may rate articles.

  • Rating-FA {{Rating|FA}} Used for featured articles.
  • Rating-GA {{Rating|GA}} or {{Rating|1}} Used for good articles (Class 1).
  • Rating-complete {{Rating|complete}} or {{Rating|2}} Used for complete articles (Class 2).
  • Rating-3 {{Rating|3}} Used for Class 3 articles.
  • Rating-4 {{Rating|4}} Used for Class 4 articles.
  • Rating-5 {{Rating|5}} Used for Class 5 articles.
  • FA-star {{Rating|FApast}} Used for former featured articles.
  • Rating-u{{Rating|unrated}} Used for unrated articles.
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