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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
The Ascent
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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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The Ascent is the one hundred and fifty-eighth episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the fourteenth episode of season thirteen.


The Upply-with Wu and Cole newly fitted out in armor-brainstorm ways to get further up the mountain in order to assist the other Ninja against the Skull Sorcerer. Cole hits upon a scheme: taking wheels from off one of the mine carts they used previously and attaching them to the mech the group found in the Heart of the Mountain. With these, they hope to use the mech to push the other cart back up the cart tracks in order to move higher up in the depths of the mountain. As they examine the mech, Cole and Wu determine that the mech is powered by Cole's own elemental power, and Cole spends some time learning to work the now wheeled mech.

With Wu and the Upply in the mech, Vania joins Cole in the mech and is comforted by the others regarding the imminent confrontation with her evil father. With some hiccups, the group begins traveling up the tracks, only to run into the magma monster they've encountered on two previous occasions. As the monster takes up the chase again, Cole attempts to outrun it, only to run into a massive flock of Dire Bats. The monster then catches up and begins grappling with the mech, which fortunately proves to be equipped with a sword. The mine cart carrying the rest of the team, meanwhile, hurtles towards a gap in the tracks over a pool of lava, but Cole unlocks the mech's powers of flight.

Cole manages to slam through and apparently destroy the monster and save his friends, only for the now magma-spattered mech to race out of control. It arrives in the palace gardens of Shintaro, where the Upply are thrilled to once more see the sky. The group proceeds to the throne room, where they find Chompy in a cage after being accused of causing Vania's disappearance. They free the dragon but are then confronted by Hailmar and the Shintaro Royal Guard, who believe Cole and the other Ninja to be traitors.

Vania attempts to reason with her father's right-hand man, but then urges Cole and the Upply to depart while she and Wu deal with the guards. Chompy then transforms into his larger form, which Vania sees for the first time, and enables Cole and the Upply to escape. When Vania refuses to call him off, Hailmar charges the princess to attack...