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The Avengers Poster is a Marvel Super Heroes promotional Poster released in 2012. It was available at select theaters on May 4, although many had copies remaining for a long time after the event. Quantities were limited to two million copies.


The front of the poster displays an image of all the six avengers (Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America) as well as Nick Fury. In the background of the image is a destroyed city, with the Quinjet flying though it. The LEGO Super Heroes logo is printed on the upper area of the poster, and the logo of The Avengers film is printed on the lower area. The back of the poster is printed orange, and features bios of all the characters featured on the poster, except Nick Fury. Advertisements for various sets are seen at the bottom of the poster, and the Marvel Super Heroes branding is featured on the top.



  • This item is one of the few to be available only at theatres.
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