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This article is about the area in LEGOLAND Windsor. For other pages, see The Beginning.
The Beginning
The beginning, in red
Park: LEGOLAND Windsor
Current attractions: LEGO Creation Centre
Rocket Racers
The Hill Train.
Current shops: The Big Shop
Kids Wear
Funky Fashions
Current food facilities: Café in The Big Shop
Harbourside Coffee Co. Express
Sweet Stop
Former food facilities: Cinnabon
Pit Stop Café
Opened: 1996
Closed: N/A
Nearby areas: Land of the Vikings, Imagination Centre

The Beginning is the area of the LEGOLAND Windsor park where you enter. It is home to various facilities, including the Big Shop and Annual pass areas.[1]


The Beginning was first opened along with the park, in 1996. The Hill Train, which goes down to the lower areas of the park, was the only thing left from the previous Windsor Safari Park. It was refurbished, made with small glass transparent LEGO windows, designed by local children.

In 2001, The Creation Centre was opened. Inside it you can see the Model Makers working, LEGO models of the Crown Jewels and a Virgin Boeing 747 cockpit model, as well as a motorbike. It was originally sponsored by Boeing. The exit off the Rocket Racer attraction comes out into the Rocket Racer Shop inside the building. Also in 2001, the LEGO Racers attraction opened. It had many technical problems and that helped lead to its closure in 2004. Due to popular demand, however, it re-opened in 2009 as Rocket Racers, with new systems and equipment. [2] To go with the new Racers themed attraction, the Hill Stop Café was rebranded as the Pit Stop Café.

In 2009, the LEGO Racers attraction, closed in 2004, was reopened as Rocket Racers. Meanwhile, the Cinnabon outlet just outside the gates was taken back under LEGO control as Harbourside Coffee Co. Express, a smaller version of the Harbourside Coffee Co.

Currently, half of The Big Shop is being renovated, and apparently expanded. If so, it may be into the Pit Stop Café.[3]

Models and other things

In this area their are many models sitting around. These include a family relaxing on a bench outside the Kids Wear shop. In the bit with trees behind that are some dinosaurs, one of which has a clock on and whose head sticks out over passers by.[4] Near that is a ride time screen, showing queue times for all the parks open attractions. Around this area, there are also telescopes, which require a fee to use, which let you see in clearer detail the rest of the park, Windsor and, on a clear day, parts of London and the area surrounding LEGOLAND Windsor.[5]


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