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The Black Knight was a Castle character introduced in 1984 as the leader of the Black Falcons.


In Black Falcons, he wore red armor with black legs, arms and helmet. Later, in Black Knights, he wore black armor with dark grey breastplate and a grey helmet with black visor. Then he also had red facial hair. However, in LEGO Racers he appeared with black facial hair.


The Black Knight often clashed with Sir Richard, the leader of the Crusaders, either attempting to steal his treasure or capture Sir Richard himself to take control of the land.

The Black Knight later built a new fortress, 6085 Black Monarch's Castle, founded the Black Knights, and gained a new enemy, Robin Hood. However, despite the Black Knights being started by the Black Falcon's former leader, the two factions were consistently depicted as enemies in sets such as 6059 Knight's Stronghold and 6057 Sea Serpent.

The Black Knight appeared once more in the 1999 video game LEGO Racers, appearing as an opposing racer in the final circuit of the game. His torso is different and is now the same one used on one of the Fright Knights minifigures.


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