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The Book of Spinjitzu







The Book of Spinjitzu is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu book released in 2017. It takes the form of a journal written by Wu.


Wu recounts the history of Spinjitzu as a martial art and its various practitioners, from his father the First Spinjitzu Master to the current generation of Ninja. These include his and Garmadon's earliest experiences, Garmadon's being bitten by the Great Devourer, the prophecy of the Green Ninja, and their discovery of the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. After the latter incident, the brothers are sent on a journey to such locales as the Corridor of Elders, the Wailing Alps, the Birchwood Forest, Stiix, and Domu. Sadly, the account then recalls the Battle Between Brothers that resulted in Garmadon's banishment to the Underworld.

Having learned of his brother's forthcoming return through the use of Eventuali-Tea, Wu sets out to find wielders worthy of the Four Golden Weapons. After recruiting Cole, Jay, Zane, and Kai, Wu begins their training. He also experiences visions of things to come. These include vehicles such as Destiny's Bounty, Desert Lightning, the Samurai Mech, the Ultra Stealth Raider, the Titanium Ninja Tumbler, Jay Walker One, and the Boulder Blaster. His musings then turn to dragons, his nephew Lloyd's destiny and training to become the Green Ninja, and various enemies faced and tactics employed by the Ninja. The account proceeds to accounts of battles with the Ghost Warriors and Sky Pirates, the events of the Day of the Departed, and Wu's reminisces regarding his old allies turned enemies, Acronix and Krux.


  • This book marks the first mention of a Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, which was later developed into a major plot element in season eleven of the animated series. However, its version of young Wu and Garmadon's encounters with the artifact differs greatly from that later seen in the show.
  • This book includes a silhouette photo of Garmadon's mother, who was previously referenced in "The Last Hope".


  • On a list of the Elemental Masters featured on page 9, Shade and Lloyd's names are omitted. This also holds true of Morro and the Time Twins, though Morro is deceased as of the events of the book while Acronix and Krux have long been stripped of their elemental powers.