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Space Police Log 02 The Chase

The Chase is number two in a series of stop-motion LEGO videos on promoting the Space Police III line.


This video showcases a Skull Twin in the Skull Interceptor chasing a Space Police Officer. The Officer had just captured one of the Skull Twins, "Skully". The other twin manages to break him out by shooting a missile from the car which sends the police ship out of control and it hits Frenzy, a cow, a wall, and Squidman's cape. The Skull Twins then arrive and destroy the officer's vehicle. More reinforcements arrive to help the officer, and one of the other Space Police Officers turns off the camera.


  • This video features an Ice Planet 2002 logo.
  • The cruiser can be seen flying through the LEGO City farm.
  • Frenzy's Ice Cream Stand from Comic #5 makes a cameo appearance in this comic.
  • Even though Snake is not present, his vehicle makes a cameo.
  • The construction to block out Squidman's vandalism from the log before is destroyed. The video also features a billboard with the M-Tron logo but the "tron" is replaced with "cola". The worker is from City center.
  • The figure buying ice cream from Frenzy has the head of a Jawa.
  • The space police officer has the head of Lucius Malfoy.
  • The Skull twin's voice in the film (when he says "Fire") is the Mac OS voice "Zarvox"

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