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The Dragon's Apprentice opened to the public in 1999 - One year after Castle Land opened as a supporting attraction to The Dragon although it was really a sort of 'stepping stone' so kids who weren't tall enough to ride The Dragon could go on The Dragon's Apprentice.

It is a short, sharp kiddie’s coaster located in the castle swamp. In the ruins of the old castle sits a small roller coaster for younger children. It completes the circuit twice giving a longer ride.

Ride Experience

The friendly looking Dragon shaped train goes up a lift hill past the old castle ruins and does a 360 degree turn whilst going down through the ruins over a hill, under a bridge and back into the station; but don't forget it completes two circuits of the track so it is a longer ride time!

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Especially for younger guests, this mini roller coaster still offers plenty of thrills and spills. Riders travel to the top of the castle ruin and drop in a spiral motion above the moat.

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