The Dragon (Windsor)

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The Dragon is an attraction at LEGOLAND Windsor. It was opened in 1998 and since has been sucsessful.

The Dragon is situated in Knight's Kingdom (formerly Castle Land) along with The Dragon's Apprentice, Knight's Quest and The Enchanted Forest.

The Dragon is the main attraction of Knight's Kingdom, it is in a large castle and all of the inside section takes place inside there.

Ride Experience

The first scene is a courtyard, with a young Prince and Princess riding a noble steed. A small green dragon waves as we travel past him. We see two drunken monks and a kitchen where a pile of plates and dishes lie crashed on the floor. An angry chef yells at the green dragon as it chases a chicken around the kitchen. We pass through a huge oven and into the hall where the royal feast takes place (there is the smell of roast chicken in here) We see a wizard and a (family friendly) torture chamber and finally; The Dragon itself! It is a very impressive model with lots of attention to detail. We travel down a long corridor where bats flap overhead and the walls begin to spark and flash randomly, as if magical energy is escaping from behind them. The train suddenly picks up speed and exits the building.

The train travels up a lift hill and the coaster goes down large drop then the track banks and turns a corner where the On-Ride Camera is to have your photo taken. The train then goes up another life hill, then you go through an underground tunnel offering a rather thrilling experience, the train banks round another corner before going over an air-time hill and rolling into the station.


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