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The Gift of Jay
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Wade Cross


Bragi Schut

Running time:

11 minutes

First released/aired:

March 14, 2021 (Canada)




The Gift of Jay is the third episode of The Island and the 163rd episode overall of Ninjago. It aired on March 14, 2021, paired up with "The Tooth of Wojira"


The ninja find themselves captured by the ‘Keepers of the Amulet’, who seem to be treating Jay particularly well. Meanwhile, Lloyd stages a rescue.

Extended: The Leader of the Keepers order Nya, Kai, Zane, and Cole into a prison where they're reunited with Master Wu, Miskao, and Clutch Powers. However, Jay is brought to a luxurious hut and fed amazing food while the Keepers refer to him as the "Gift of Jay". Lloyd mounts a rescue mission to save his friends and they realize that Jay may be in the most danger of all.[1]


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Chief Mammatus, leader of the Keepers, orders all the captured Ninja but one taken to a cell; Jay is then chosen as "the gift" when he attempts to persuade the chief not to imprison them. The Ninja are soon thrown in a cell, where they discover the captive Misako, Wu, Clutch Powers, and his team. Lloyd, the only Ninja out of the Keepers' clutches, determines to find his friends despite Twitchy Tim's protests that it's too dangerous. Back at the village, Jay is baffled to find himself being well-treated, with the two-headed Keeper Poulerik delivering food and drink to him.

While Jay mistakenly expresses the belief that the Keepers revere him because of his lightning powers, Lloyd makes his way into the village and is unexpectedly joined by Zippy. He attempts to shoo off the playful dragon, but upon failing decides to turn the creature's desire to play fetch into his means of reaching the other Ninja without being stopped. He thus succeeds in freeing the captives, but while he and the other Ninja go looking for Jay, Clutch and Dwayne head off on a mysterious errand of their own. The Ninja, Wu, and Misako soon realize that Clutch is attempting to steal the Storm Amulet, and interrupt him in the act.

The Keepers find and capture the would be thieves and the Ninja team, and knock them unconscious. Under construction

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