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Nexo Knights: The Animated Series

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The Golden Castle
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Nexo Knights: The Animated Series

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Dave Osborne
Jean Paul Vermeulen


Ernie Altbacker

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March 3, 2016


Nexo Knights

The Golden Castle is the sixth episode of Season One of Nexo Knights: The Animated Series. It aired on Cartoon Network on March 3, 2016.


Aaron's fearlessness saved the team, but now they have a new challenge. Lance just got the leading role in a movie called The Golden Castle and brings the rest of the team in front of the camera. The Book of Monsters wants to eat the script so he can make everybody do as he pleases, and soon there is a bit more action on set than the director planned for.


The "Golden Castle" itself is a reference to the original Lego castle set, 375 Castle, which was made out of yellow bricks.

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