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For the video game, see LEGO The Incredibles.

The Incredibles is a subtheme released on 2016 as part of the Minifigures theme and on 2018 as part of the Juniors theme, based off of the Pixar film of the same name, and its sequel. A few sets have been released, some of which are based off of vehicles in the movie, and some based off minifigures based off of the characters in the movie.


Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
Disney Series Box 71012  Disney Series    AladdinAliceAlien (Toy Story)ArielBuzz LightyearCaptain HookCheshire CatDaisy DuckDonald DuckGenieMaleficentMickey MouseMinnie MouseMr. IncrediblePeter PanStitchSyndromeUrsula   $3.99  2016 
10759 Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit Box 10759  Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit  95  ElastigirlScreenslaver     2018 
10760 Underminer Bank Heist Box 10760  Underminer Bank Heist  149  ElastigirlMr. IncredibleUnderminer     2018 
10761 The Great Home Escape Box 10761  The Great Home Escape  178  DashJack-JackVioletBrick     2018 
30615 Edna Mode 30615  0615  Edna Mode     June 15, 2018 
41613 Mr Incredible & Frozone Box 41613  Mr. Incredible & Frozone  160  N/A   $19.99  April 20, 2018 
71024 Disney Series 2 71024  Disney Series 2    AnnaChipDaleDeweyEdna ModeElsaFrozoneHadesHerculesHueyJack SkellingtonJafarJasmineLouieSallyScrooge McDuckVintage Mickey MouseVintage Minnie Mouse   $3.99  2019 

Video Games

Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
Legoincrediblescoverart LEGO  The Incredibles          


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