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The Inquisitor, also known as the Grand Inquisitor, is a Star Wars Rebels minifigure that was released in 2015.



The Grand Inquisitor was a male Pau'an who formerly served as a Jedi Temple Guard. However after Order 66, he joined the Empire and as of the 15th year of the Empire's reign held the title of Grand Inquisitor of the Inquisitorius of the Galactic Empire. The Inquisitor hunted and eliminated Jedi that had survived the destruction of the Jedi Order. Trained in the ways of the Force by Darth Vader, he was tasked with converting or destroying Force-sensitive children, as well as Jedi who could train them, before they could become a threat to the Empire. To accomplish his tasks, the Inquisitor studied the records of the Jedi Temple, giving him insight into the Jedi and their fighting style. As a result, he was a deadly foe for any surviving Jedi.

The Inquisitor confronted Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger in the reactor room of Grand Moff Tarkin where, after initially winning and nearly killing Bridger, Jarrus turned the tide by embracing the full power of the Force, allowing him to defeat his enemy. Hanging onto a walkway above an exploding reactor, the Inquisitor warned Jarrus that something far worse would come for all of them because of his defeat. Knowing the price he would have to pay for his failure, he let himself fall to his death into the exploding reactor. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The Force-wielding Inquisitor is a skilled pilot and lightsaber duelist who is tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down and destroy fugitive Jedi. If he can put an end to a pesky group of rebels at the same time, then that’s even better.


  • His minifigure comes with a new lightsaber hilt mold to reflect the one he carries in the TV series which can spin around.
  • He does not come with a special headdress to express his elongated head.
  • His head is white, despite the fact that it is more grey in the TV Show.
  • He was voiced by Jason Isaacs, who also portrayed Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter. Isaacs also voiced both Siddeley and Leland Turbo in Cars 2.
  • He is exclusive to one set.



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