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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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The Jade Princess

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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The Jade Princess is the seventy-sixth episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the second episode of season eight.


Finding Princess Harumi's room in a shambles and the princess gone, Lloyd spots a mysterious figure heading into Ninjago City and pursues them, only to find that it is Harumi herself. The Princess reveals that she is taking food to the poor of Ninjago, with her room's "ransacked" state being in reality the result of her own untidiness. The two share a heart-to-heart regarding the obligations that have been placed upon them, and witness several low-ranking Sons of Garmadon terrorizing civilians until they are scared off by Samurai X. Hutchins, having discovered the Princess' departure, arrives to take her back to the palace, making his displeasure at her departure clear.

During a later training session, the other Ninja offer various pieces of advice to Lloyd with regards to his interest in Harumi; however, her parents forbid her to have anything to do with him due to her royal status. Meanwhile, two Sons of Garmadon approach Ultra Violet as she is watching a Cliff Gordon film, stating that Mr. E has requested her presence. While climbing the palace, Cole thinks back to his first meeting with Sensei Wu during a time of grief, and resolves to find his master. He then spots Hutchins entering a secret tunnel, and upon following him finds an array of explosives.

Explosions begin to rock the palace, and the sons of Garmadon-including Mr. E and Ultra Violet-lead an attack, with their agents engaging the Royal Guards. Lloyd confronts Hutchins and accuses him of aiding the enemy, while the other Ninja confront Mr. E when he goes after the Mask of Deception. Donning the Mask of Vengeance, Mr. E grows an extra set of arms and proves able to ward off the Ninja and their elemental powers, only for the Mask of Deception to prove a fake. Hutchins entrusts the real one to Lloyd and Harumi, exhorting them to leave the palace while he searches for the Emperor and Empress.

Lloyd and Harumi manage to escape by stealing a motorcycle from one of the Sons, but are pursued by Ultra Violet. After a brief chase she succeeds in claiming the Mask of Deception, prompting Lloyd to head for the docks with Harumi. They are then able to escape by boarding the Destiny's Bounty, and pick up the other Ninja. With the palace in flames and Harumi's parents and Hutchins apparently lost, the Ninja welcome Harumi into their family and promise to seek justice on her behalf.


  • The Postman tells Kai he will "see [him] next season"; this is a Fourth wall reference to his recurring but sporadic appearances throughout the series. Kai expresses confusion at this comment, at which point the Postman claims to have been referring to the seasons of the year.