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The Keepers, more formally the Keepers of the Amulet, are minifigures representing an island tribe in Ninjago.


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The ancestors of the Keepers lived on their island when the the First Spinjitzu Master arrived in their world, when the Endless Ocean was virtually empty of landmasses. Along with the ocean-dwelling Merlopians, they joined the First Spinjitzu Master in launching an attack against Wojira, a monstrous serpent who wielded the powers of Wind and Water through the Storm and Wave Amulets she wore upon her head. Despite their brave efforts, Wojira was only defeated when the Merlopian warrior Nyad became the first Elemental Master of Water, merging with the seas to overpower Wojira and strip her of her amulets and powers. While the Merlopians took charge of the Wave Amulet and the unconscious serpent, the islanders accepted custody of the Storm Amulet from the First Spinjitzu Master.

Surrounded by an ever-present belt of storm clouds, the Keepers' island was forgotten by the majority of Ninjago's inhabitants, allowing them to safely guard the amulet for centuries. That would eventually change when the criminal Ronin discovered the existence of the island and created a fake Wojira to extort the Keepers for their various valuables and possessions. During this time, the island would also be visited by an expedition led by Misako, Clutch Powers, and the First Spinjitzu Master's son Wu, whom the Keepers took prisoner as trespassers.

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