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The Keepers of the Amulet
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Shane Poettcker


Kevin Burke
Chris"Doc Wyatt

Running time:

11 minutes

First released/aired:

March 7, 2021 (Canada)




The Keepers of the Amulet is the second episode of The Island and the 162nd episode overall of Ninjago. It aired on March 7, 2021, paired up with "Uncharted.


Having survived their journey to the island, the ninja venture inland where they unexpectedly befriend a dragon, and are ambushed by living statues![citation needed]

Extended: While searching the island, the ninja realize they're being followed and brace for an attack. Fortunately, it turns out to be a friendly dragon they name Zippy. However, just as they pickup trail of their missing friends, they're attacked by power-absorbing stone statues! Lloyd manages to escape, but the other ninja are captured by a group of islanders called The Keepers of the Amulet.[1]


Using the Jungle Choppers, the Ninja and Twitchy Tim head deeper into the jungle, in spite of TIm's warnings of dangerous flora and fauna. The group then run into a dragon that proves to be quite playful, and Jay soon dubs him Zippy. Lloyd, however, insists on the group continuing to travel, and Nya launches the dragon's toy coconut into the distance. Despite this, the creature appears again, just before the Ninja discover signs of a struggle. Coming across a Stone Golem fragment, Nya initially dismisses it, until it comes to live and-joined by its fellows-attacks them.

The Golems prove formidable opponents, particularly when they demonstrate the power to absorb elemental energy and turn it back against the Ninja. The three then join together into a single pole again, before drawing energy from the nearby storm clouds to launch lightning attacks at the Ninja. Lloyd and Tim become separated from the others, who make their way to a rickety rope bridge as the Golems continue their pursuit. Contrary to Jay's fears, the rope bridge doesn't break until after he's made it across, but he and the Ninja are then struck down by strange creatures firing off the same lightning as the Golems.

Lloyd manages to elude the golems and comes across Tim in a small cave, while the other Ninja awake to find themselves bound and being carried on strange catamarans by their captors. The group are brought to a village, where they stand before Chief Mammatus and are accused of coming to steal the Storm Amulet. He reveals to the baffled Ninja that the Keepers have safeguarded the object, taken from Wojira, for countless generations. He then informs them that, as they have seen the amulet and know of its secrets, they will remain prisoners on the Island of the Keepers...forever.