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The LEGO Island Learning Project
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Town Western Space Castle


The LEGO Island Learning Project was an unfulfilled attempt at making educational LEGO Island titles. [1]Little is known about it, other than it started development when Mark Livingstone, the managing director of the LEGO Media division, was trying to branch the division out in several directions and it was aborted shorty after it started development. LEGO Island 2 potentially would have started development by the time this project came into existence.


The kindergarten storyboards start with the Infomaniac greeting the player, followed by Pepper appearing and inviting them to play with him. The player would then guide Pepper through a maze, which would provide the player with options to go to either The Moon, The Old West, The City, or Fantasy Land.

The screen would then switch to a map of the land selected, giving the player the option to build and visit buildings. Each building would have a host, who would give the player the chance to complete missions.