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Class 4 article
The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game
LEGO Theme:

The LEGO Movie 2


TT Games

Date Released:

February 26, 2019


Action, Adventure


Single Player, Simultaneous Two-Player




Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4,
Xbox One, PC


The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is a video game based on The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. It was released on February 26, 2019.

Official Description

The alien monster invaders have left Bricksburg in ruins. It is now up to Emmet and a host of heroic characters to go beyond their world and save their friends from the strange inhabitants of the Systar System. Journey into outer space, discover new worlds, and test your Master Building skills.


  • Priscila Amorin -
  • Ewa Andruskiewicz - Wyldstyle (Polish)
  • Marya Arellano -
  • Piotr Bajtlik - Rex Dangervest (Polish; DLC)
  • Brite Baumgardt -
  • Danielle Bisutti -
  • Marine Boiron -
  • Igor Borecki - DUPLO bricks (Polish)
  • Jason Canning -
  • Chris Cox -
  • Jessica DiCicco -
  • Robin Atkin Downes -
  • Kaori Furukawa -
  • Amanda Hinojosa -
  • Blanca Hualde -
  • Neil Kaplan -
  • J.P. Karliak -
  • Arif S. Kinchen -
  • Lex Lang -
  • Misty Lee -
  • Tiziana Martello -
  • Catherine Martinez -
  • Celine Melloul -
  • Dave B. Mitchell -
  • Max Mittelman -
  • Travis Oates -
  • Maren Rainer -
  • Roger Rose -
  • Alex Ryan -
  • Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Katia Sorrentino -
  • Carla Tassara - Wyldstyle,Sweet Mayhem,other voices (English))
  • Jon Luke Thomas -
  • Magdalena Wasylik - Sweet Mayhem (Polish; DLC)
  • Travis Willingham -
  • Vil Zedek -


  • Kal-El Bogdanoye - Voice Director


Character Image
Abraham Lincoln Abe in lego movie game 2.png
Alfred Pennyworth LM2VGAlfred.png
Alto Alto.png
Angelina Angelina.png
Annabella Annabella.png
Anthem Anthem.png
Antonio Antonio.png
Aquaman LM2VGAquaman.png
Aquaman (Systarian) Systarian Aquaman.png
Augustus Augustus.png
Balthazar VGBalthazar.png
Bandit Girl Bandit Girl.jpeg
Bandit Guy TLM2VG Bandit Guy.png
Batman (classic) BatmanTLM2VG.jpeg
Batman (Gold) BatmanGold.jpeg
Batman (Shimmer) BatmanShimmer.jpeg
Batman (Systarian) BatmanSystarian.jpeg
Batman (Unarmoured) BatmanApocalypseburg.jpeg
Benny BennyTLM2VG.jpeg
Benny (classic) BennyFixed.jpeg
Benny (Gold) BennyGold.jpeg
Benny (Shimmer) BennyShimmer.jpeg
Benny (Systarian) BennySystarian.jpeg
Bethany Bethany.png
Blacktron Spaceman (No Visor) Blacktron Spaceman.png
Blacktron Spaceman (Visor) Blacktron Spaceman with Visor.png
Blaze Firefighter LM2VGBlaze Firefighter.png
Blowtotch Blowtotch.png
Cadence Cadence.jpeg
Calamity Drone LM2VGCalamity Drone.png
Capella Capella.jpeg
Catherine Cat Minifigure Catherine Cat.png
Celeste VGCeleste.png
Chainsaw Dave LM2VGChainsaw Dave.png
Cleopatra LM2VG Egyptian Queen.png
Construction Worker TLM2VG Blue Construction worker.png
Construction Worker (Headphones) TLM2VG Construction Worker with headphones.png
Cowboy TLM2VG Cowboy.png
Cowgirl LM2VGCowgirl.png
Cowgirl (Well Dressed) Well Dressed Cowgirl.jpeg
Crayon Girl CrayonGirlVG.png
Cyborg 80'sCyborgVG.png
Cyborg (Systarian) SystarianCyborg.png
Dan Brickman TLM2VG Dan Brickman.jpeg
Dekker Dekker.png
Denny LM2VGDenny.png
Deputy Honey Deputy Honey.jpeg
Deputron DeputronVG2.png
Dr. Dog Dr. Dog as a Minifigure.png
Dr. McScrubs TLM2VGMcScrubs.png
Eleanor Eleanor.png
Elena Planner Elena Planner.png
El Macho Wrestler ElMachoVG2.png
Elijah LM2VGElijah.png
Emmet EmmetTLM2VG.jpeg
Emmet (Clown) ClownEmmetVG2.png
Emmet (Gold) EmmetGold.jpeg
Emmet (Old West) CowboyEmmetVG2.png
Emmet (Shimmer) EmmetShimmer.jpeg
Emmet (Vest Friends) EmmetDangervest.jpeg
Female Chef LM2VGFemaleChef.png
Fender Fender.png
Frontier Harry Frontier Harry.jpeg
Frontier John Frontier John.jpeg
Frontier Kylie Frontier Kylie.jpeg
Frontier Vikki Frontier Vikki.jpeg
Forest Maiden TLM2VG Forest Maiden.png
Fox Girl LM2VG Fox Girl.png
Gail the Construction Worker GailVG2.png
General Mayhem SweetMayhemTLM2VG.jpeg
Sweet Mayhem VGsweetMayhem.png
General Mayhem (Gold) SweetMayhemGold.jpeg
General Mayhem (Shimmer) SweetMayhemShimmer.jpeg
Geraldine Geraldine.png
Giraffe Guy VG GiraffeGuy.png
Gone Golfin' President Business VGGone Golfin'.png
Gordon Zola GordonVG2.png
Graham Greenfingers Graham Greenfingers.png
Green Lantern LM2VGHal.png
Green Lantern (Apocalyptic) VGApocalypticHal.png
Green Lantern (Systarian) Systarian Hal.png
Grizzly Cowboy Grizzly Cowboy.jpeg
Grok the Orc Grok the Orc.jpeg
Harley Quinn LM2VGHQ.jpeg
Harmony Harmony.jpeg
Harold Harold.jpeg
Hawk HawkLM2VG.jpeg
Hippie Guy VGHippie.png
Ice Cream Mike TLM3VGMike.png
Jenny VGJenny.png
Johnny Thunder Johnny.PNG
Joshua The Fan Joshua The Fan.jpeg
Kendal Kendal.jpeg
King TLM2King.png
Krystal Krystal.jpeg
Lady Liberty TLM2VGLL.png
Lady Robot TLM2VGLR.png
Largo Largo.jpeg
Larry the Barista LarryVG2.png
Larry the Barista (Classic) TLM2VGLarry.png
Lenny VGLenny.png
Lex Luthor LM2NormalLex.jpeg
Lex Luthor (Systarian) SystarianLex.png
Lord Vampyre Vampire Movie2.png
Lucy LucyTLM2VG.jpeg
Lucy (Classic) ClassicLucy.png
Lucy (Gold) GoldLucy.png
Lucy (Old West) LucyOW.png
Lucy (Shimmer) ShimmerLucy.png
Lucy (Spacesuit) TLM2VG Spacesuit Lucy.jpeg
Ma Cop TLM2VGMC.png
Mac LM2VGMac.jpeg
Magician TLM2VG Magician.png
Marsha the Mermaid Screenshot 2019-06-29-16-57-12.png
Majisto TLM2VG Majisto.jpeg
Maximus LM2VGMaximus.jpeg
Meghan Meghan.jpeg
MetalBeard MetalBeardTLM2VG.jpeg
MetalBeard (Gold) Gold MetalBeard.jpeg
MetalBeard (Shimmer) Shimmer MetalBeard.jpeg
MetalBeard (Systarian) LM2VG Systarian Metalbeard.jpeg
Michelangelo Buonarroti TLM2VG Michelangelo.png
Mime Mime Movie2.png
Miner TLM2VG Minor.jpeg
Miner Mason Miner Mason.jpeg
Mummy TLM2 Mummy.png
Nails Nails.jpeg
Night Lord TLM2Night Lord.png
Old Cowboy Old Cowboy.jpeg
Orc TLM2VG Orc.jpeg
Pa Cop TLM2VGPC.png
Panda Guy Panda Guy movie2.png
President Business TLM2VGPB.png
Prince TLM2VG Prince.jpeg
Prospector TLM2vG Prospector.png
Puppycorn PuppyCornVG.png
Rapid Rachel Rapid Rachel.jpeg
Reed Reed.jpeg
Rex RexDangervestTLM2VG.jpeg
Rex (Asteroid Breaker) RexHelmeted.jpeg
Rex (Gold) RexDangervestGold.jpeg
Rex (Shimmer) RexDangervestShimmer.jpeg
Rivet 1107E30D-160A-4B5D-BEA7-1788A400441F.jpeg
Robert the Builder Robert the Builder.jpeg
Robin Hood Robin Hood movie 2.png
Robo Bandit Robo Bandit.jpeg
Robo Fed TLM2VGRobo Fed.png
Robo SWAT A Robo SWAT in The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame.jpeg
Savannah Savannah.jpeg
Scribble Cop VGScribble Cop.png
Bad Cop (classic) Classic BC.png
Seamus LM2VGSeamus.jpeg
Scratchen-Post Scratchen-PostVG2.png
Mrs. Scratchen-Post (Classic) TLM2VGSherry.png
Sheriff Not-A-Robot TLM2VG Sheriff Not-A-Robot.png
Skeleton TLM2VG Skeleton.jpeg
Sir Bold Sir Bold.jpeg
Sir Stack-A-Brick TLM2VG Sir Stackabrick.png
Sophie TLM2VGSophie.jpeg
Sparx Sparx.jpeg
Spike LM2VGSpike.jpeg
Staccata Staccata.jpeg
Suburban Samuel Suburban Samuel.jpeg
Suburban Sarah EB0838F1-4423-4BA7-8162-346F0EC26306.jpeg
Suburban Seth Suburban Seth.jpeg
Sudds Backwash TLM2VG Sudds.png
Surfer Dave TLM2VG Surfer Dave.png
Superman TLM2VGSuperman.png
Superman (Systarian) Systarian Clark.png
Susan SusanVG.png
Swamp Creature SwampCreatureVG2.png
Taco Tuesday Man TLM2VG Taco Tuesday Man.png
Tempo VGTempo.png
Tex Tex.jpeg
The Flash LM2VGBarry.jpeg
The Flash (Systarian) SystarianBarry.png
Timmy Terrier Timmy Terrier.jpeg
Tom-Tom TomTom.jpeg
Town Girl Town Girl.jpeg
Town Guy Town Guy.jpeg
Unikitty UnikittyTLM2VG.jpeg
Unikitty (Classic) Classic Unikitty.png
Unikitty (Gold) Gold unikitty.png
Unikitty (Shimmer) Shimmer Unikitty.png
Unikitty (Astro Kitty) LM2VGAstro Kitty.png
Unikitty (Systarian) TLM2VGSystarianUnikitty.png
Unikitty (Queazy Kitty) TLM2VGQueazy Kitty.png
Velma Staplebot TLM2VG Velma.png
Village Man Village Man.jpeg
Village Woman Village Woman.jpeg
Vitruvius TLM2VG Vitruvius.png
Vitruvius (Ghost) TLM2VG Ghost Vitruvius.png
Watermelon Dude WatermelonGuyVG.png
"Where Are My Pants" Guy Apocalyptic Larry.png
"Where are my Pants?" Guy (classic) TLM2WAMPG.png
Wildcat Wildcat.jpeg
Wonder Woman LM2VGWW.jpeg
Wonder Woman (Minidoll) Miniwoman.PNG
Wonder Woman (Systarian) Hhhhh.PNG
Wiley Fusebot TLM2VG Wiley Fusebot.png
Yaz Yaz.jpeg
Zombie Girl TLM2VG Zombie Girl.jpeg
Zombie Guy TLM2VG Zombie Guy.jpeg

DLC Characters

Character Image
Aquaman (Movie) AMLM2M.png
Caveman CavemanVG2.png
Cleopatra (Prophecy) 175px
Construction Jane Construction Jane.png
Emmet (Pajamas) PJEmmetVG2.png
Harmony Detective Harmony Detective.png
Larry Poppins Larry Poppins In TLM2VG.png
LexBot Lexbot Minifigure.png
Lord Business Lord BusinessVG2.png
MetalBeard (Prophecy) CraggyVG2.png
Space Pirate LM2VGSpace Pirate.png
Super Mannequin Super Mannequin.png
William Shakespeare VG2WilliamShakespeare.png
Vitruvius (Prophecy) ProphecyVitruvius.png


Vehicle Image
Mecha Raptor 1
Ultrakatty (Gold)
Ultrakatty (Shimmer)
Benny's Space Rover Benny's Space Rover.jpeg
Big Yellow Truck
Black Sports Car
Blacktron's Quad Bike
Blue Convertible
Blue Sports Car
Camper Van
Double Mega-Bike Double Mega-Bike.jpeg
Emmet's Thricycle
Fire Truck
Fun Bus
MetalBeard Trike
Pink Convertible
Pizza Delivery Van
Police Car
Queen's Tuk-Tuk Queen's Tuk-Tuk.jpeg
Raptor Bike
Raptor Quad Bike
Rex's Buggy Rex's Buggy.jpeg
Small Digger
Super Scooper
Super-Mega V8
The Speedwagon
Turbo Lawn Mower
Wasteland Buggy
Wasteland monster Truck
Wasteland Motorcycle
Wasteland Rover
Wasteland Super-Scooter
Wasteland Van
Yellow Space Rover
Yellow Sports Car
Emmet's Airboat
Old West Barrel Boat
Rex's Hovercraft
Benny's Cruiser
Benny's Jet
Benny's Spaceship
Blacktron Cruiser
Blacktron's Jet
Blacktron's Strike Ship
Emmet's House Ship
Hover Scooter
Lincoln's Rebel Recliner Lincoln's Rebel Recliner.jpeg
Pink Space Jet
Red Spaceship
Rex's Interceptor
Sweet Mayhem's Fighter
The Batwing
Wasteland Zeppelin
Brown Horse
Raptor 1
Raptor 2
White Horse


The Systar System

  • Apocalypseburg
  • Syspocalypstar
  • Asteroid Field
  • Systarian Jungle
  • Harmony City
  • Sorting Area
  • The Ceremony

The Rex-Splorer System

  • Classic Bricksburg
  • The Old West
  • Middle Zealand
  • Planet Sparkles
  • Goldtropolis
  • Planet Unikitty

Differences Between the film and the game

  • Lucy wasn't captured by General Mayhem in Apocalypseburg.
  • The DUPLO Creatures are made of with LEGO bricks as opposed to Duplo Bricks in the film.
  • The DUPLO version of Wonder Woman is omitted for some reasons.
  • Rex Dangervest dies in the Systar System instead of the Climax.
  • Rex is surprised that he's fading out of existance, while he was unfazed by it in the film.
  • The game ends with the dance off in the Systar System followed by a concert that performed by Wyldstyle.
  • Lucy does not have her real hair in the game.
  • All Fabuland figures have standard Minifigure body parts, although their molded heads remained intact.


Like the Movie, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame also received generally "mixed or average" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 56/100 on both PC[1] & Nintendo Switch,[2] 57/100 on PS4,[3] and 65/100 on Xbox One.[4]


  • This game contains elements from LEGO Worlds and as well as previous LEGO titles.
  • Some building tools in this game have equal or similar functions to the tools from LEGO Worlds. Examples: Building Page and Scanner Binoculars as the Discovery Tool, Magic Wand as Painting Tool.
  • This is the first Movie-based LEGO game to abandon levels.
    • This is also the first licensed media based game to abandon finding characters with all characters now unlocked via artifacts except a select few found in the story.
    • It's also the first to Media-based title to abandon the "True ???" for finding a certain amount of studs.
    • It is the second LEGO game to eliminate abilities. The first was LEGO Worlds.
  • Some animations, such as the ones that Emmet has, were originally from LEGO Dimensions.
  • This is the only time in a LEGO video game for The Flash not to have super speed.
  • This is the last LEGO game to use the Nu2 engine that was used since the very first LEGO Star Wars game.


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