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The Mechanic is a recurring antagonist and minifigure from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu; he is a cyborg who previously worked for Chen and his Anacondrai Cultists. He has also appeared as an independent villain, or offering his services to the likes of Unagami and the Crystal King. Description

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The Mechanic is NOT a popular guy around NINJAGO® City, having unleashed the deadly ‘Prime Empire’ game upon them. Part man, part cyborg and the owner of some serious firepower, The Mechanic should be watched very carefully...


The 2022 version of the Mechanic uses the same hat piece, with new face printing that gives him glowing purple eyes. He comes with a new printed torso which she shares with the other Vengestone Generals: Aspheera, Harumi, Mr. F, Pythor, and Vangelis. He also sports a translucent pink shoulder armor piece that he shares with all of the other generals except Harumi, and new legs that he shares with all the generals except Aspheera and Pythor.


In "Enkrypted", the Mechanic appears as one of the Kryptarium inmates, having been imprisoned for his former employment which was terminated with Chen's defeat. After the Ninja were framed by Nadakhan and imprisoned, the Mechanic was one of several villains who confronted them and was particularly interested in taking Zane apart. However, his plans were thwarted after the Ninja defeated him and his comrades. In Legend of the Brown Ninja, he has another near-identical encounter with the Ninja after the events of the previous timeline were erased. In "The Mask of Deception" the Mechanic is shown to have been released or escaped from Kryptarium, and gets into a battle with Kai and Zane using a flamethrower attachment on his mechanical arm. However, he is subdued after Zane encases him in ice, though the Ninja inadvertently freezes his comrade as well.

In "The Absolute Worst", . In the Prime Empire Original Shorts episode "Let's Dance", the Mechanic is reported as having broken into a warehouse. In "Upgrade", he uses an upgraded Chen's Noodles truck to rob a bank vault, having received instructions from an anonymous ally. This same ally later gives him the blueprints for a more advanced robotic arm, and at the Mechanic's questioning names himself as Unagami.

In "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?", the Mechanic and his gang break into a warehouse in search of a powerful computer motherboard. They encounter the Ninja, and Zane makes reference to the Mechanic's criminal record, with the Mechanic correcting him as to the number of offenses he is suspected of committing before attacking the Ninja. He and his crew manage to get back to his lair with the motherboard before being apprehended. However, Jay later plugs the motherboard into a Prime Empire cabinet, unwittingly fulfilling Unagami and the Mechanic's plans to the delight of the Mechanic.

In "Dyer Island", after Jay disappears into the world of Prime Empire, the other Ninja go to interrogate the Mechanic regarding his plans. However, he refuses to give away any information, and simply laughs in amusement at the news of games across the city being converted into Prime Empire. In "Level Thirteen", .

In "Ninjago Confidential", the Mechanic and his gang ambush Zane and Pixal as they are trying to locate the missing Milton Dyer and take Zane captive. In "The Prodigal Father', the Mechanic reveals to Zane that he is building what he calls "the Manifestation Gate", a device that will allow Unagami to leave Prime Empire and enter the world of Ninjago. By threatening a captive Master Wu, he forces Zane to surrender the motherboard, and then plugs Zane into the machine to serve as a capacitor despite the risk that it will destroy the Nindroid. His plan succeeds, and in "Game Over" Unagami makes his way into Ninjago; however, Unagami later becomes reconciled to Milton Dyer, and the Mechanic remains at large.

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In "The Fifth Villain", the Ninja identify the Mechanic as a likely candidate for the Council of the Crystal King, a group made up of several of their former foes. They travel to his lair and, after a brief struggle, succeed in subduing him, at which point Lloyd disguises himself as the Mechanic in order to take his place. The other Ninja then commandeer the Mechanic's truck, tying him up and throwing him in the back as they track Lloyd. In "The Council of the Crystal King", the Mechanic manages to escape his bonds and crash the truck. Escaping into the Ninjago City subway, he briefly fights with the Ninja before leaving to make his way to the Crystal King's lair, where Lloyd has been exposed as an impostor.



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