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"Who's trying to get away? There are more of us than you! And we're not afraid to use our weapons -The Mechanic to the Ninja about him and his Henchman in Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

The Mechanic's Gang are a group of thugs who work for the Mechanic

Known Members



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original shorts


  • They are the fourth villainous faction to consist mainly of humans, following the Anacondrai warriors, Sky Pirates, and Sons of Garmadon.
  • It's unknown what happened to them after Unagami's attack on Ninjago City. Whether they were sent to Kryptarium Prison or remain free is undisclosed.
  • The actors of the bank robbers in "Questing for Quests" look almost exactly like them, even using the same bats as weapons.
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