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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

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The Mines of Graballa

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

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Star Wars

The Mines of Graballa is the second episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


Naare attempts to convince Kordi that Rowan needs to be trained in the use of the Force in order to seek out the Kyber Saber Crystals, but the protective Kordi won't hear of it. Wanting to help Naare, Rowan tricks R0-GR into believing that there's a reactor leak in the hangar, prompting Roger to take him in one of Zander's "Z-Wings" and flee. Rowan and Roger then travel to an asteroid field, where Rowan leads Roger in after sensing a crystal, unaware that his siblings and Naare have discovered his departure and are coming after him. He finds the crystal only to encounter Baash and Raam, whom he tricks into thinking that he and Roger are bounty hunters, leading them to take the pair to their employer, Graballa the Hutt. Graballa is trying-unsuccessfully-to convince his cousin Jabba to let him leave the asteroid field and open up a resort, but Jabba refuses to listen.

Meeting Rowan and Roger, Graballa gives them the chance to go up against his main bounty hunter Dengar, who despite his initial appearance of laziness handily defeats the pair. Naare, Zander, and Kordi come across Rowan's wrecked stolen ship, and infiltrate Graballa's lair as he is about to feed Rowan and Roger to his Nexu Smiley for refusing to tell him more about the Kyber Saber Crystals. After a battle, the Freemakers and Naare manage to escape, only to apparently lose the crystal in the process. Infuriated at the news, Naare is about to blast the StarScavenger using her Eclipse Fighter, only for Rowan to sense the crystal and recover it. Meanwhile, Graballa, having learned that Emperor Palpatine is searching for the crystals, sets his men to find the Freemakers so they can collect them.

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