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Moon Stones are the special transparent objects used in the Monster Fighters story line as the plot, as the evil Lord Vampyre tries to use them to eclipse the sun forever.


Each Moonstone is a transparent object, with an encrusted symbol, or a liquid object. There are seven Moonstones, all of which are different colors. Lord Vampyre's Moonstone is encrusted with a bat, for example, and the Crazy Scientist's Moonstone is holding inside lightning strikes.


In every corner of the Monster Realms, there are hidden Moonstones, 7, in total. They are guarded by the monsters in the Realms, and are always well protected. Each Moonstone possesses a magical power. For example, Lord Vampyre's possesses the power to control people, and turn them into his minions, and the Mummy's has the power to magnify the curses. The only Moonstone that Lord Vampyre doesn't possess in the Castle is the Zombie Moonstone, most likely due to its later release. If one possesses six Moonstones, they will open the gateway to the darkness and eclipse the sun forever, turning day into night, and letting the monsters roam freely. The only Moonstone to possess two powers is that of the Crazy Scientist, which possesses the power to create life through the power of lightning and grant enormous strength.

The Moon Stones

Part Number Set Picture
Part 10178pb01 9463 The Werewolf Pic2CF987FB86C41E8A4BE228770F4E6D43.png
Part 10178pb02 9461 The Swamp Creature and 9468 Vampyre Castle Yellow Moonstone.png
Part 10178pb03 9462 The Mummy Purple Moonstone.png
Part 10178pb04 9466 The Crazy Scientist and His Monster Pic6F8660A65BE9BD5699A7136445D819E2.png
Part 10178pb05 9464 The Vampyre Hearse and 9468 Vampyre Castle PicEA1C0EF1977BFF133CD494A32B91163E.png
Part 10178pb06 9467 The Ghost Train Pic642374D8BB10F77791F6B528EF752FF2.png
Part 10178pb07 9465 The Zombies PicA4F47795CC1A08466E05209F8F57A0E9.png