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The New Ninja

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The New Ninja is a Ninjago book released in 2015, written by Meredith Rusu. It takes place in between seasons five and six of the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series, specifically between the episodes Curseworld, Part II and Infamous. It also includes the winning entries from the “Write Like a Ninja” story contest.


Main Story

In the wake of the Preeminent’s defeat, Nya is adjusting to her new status as one of the Ninja. This includes some awkwardness in her relationship with Jay, as well as adapting to being integrated into the team. When the rest of the team leaves to make preparations for the “Ninja for a Day” video game tournament, Nya stays behind to repair the console they will be using. She is thus the only one present on the Destiny's Bounty 2.0 when a distress call comes in from Ed and Edna Walker, Jay’s parents.

Using the DBX Flyer, Nya travels to Ed & Edna's Scrap 'N' Junk, which appears to be under attack by Nindroids. However, after using her water powers to short them and a conveyor belt out, Nya learns that Ed repurposed the robots to help out around the junkyard. The Walkers had hoped all the Ninja would arrive to help them, but are complimentary towards Nya. Embarrassed, Nya asks them not to tell the other Ninja about her mistake.

The next day, the Ninja are helping Lloyd, who is training to eventually become a sensei. When Dareth, the Ninjas’ self-appointed manager, calls for help, Nya decides to handle the problem herself so the boys can continue assisting Lloyd. She travels to the set of Dareth’s “unauthorized documentary” on the Ninja, where Skulkin extras Kruncha and Nuckal are causing trouble. The encounter turns into a high speed chase through New Ninjago City, ending when Nya stops the two with her water powers. Unfortunately, this act and the pursuit cause quite a bit of property damage.

Returning to the Bounty, Nya finds a note from the boys informing her that they have gone out for dinner and are hoping she’ll join them. She also runs into Misako, with whom she shares her recent misadventures. The older woman is concerned by Nya’s solo approach, and reminds her that she is part of a team now. While on her way to meet the boys, Nya sees a news story about Ghost Warriors in Stiix. Unable to contact the boys, she asks an elderly couple to alert them while she heads to Stiix to check things out.

Nya soon discovers a group of thirty-odd Ghosts, who were not with the Preeminent when it perished. Nya does her best to fight them off, but is badly outnumbered. Fortunately, the other Ninja, having seen her on the news, arrive on their Elemental Dragons. Working together, the six of them vanquish the ghosts.

The Ninja later visit the hospital for the video game tournament, and Nya confides in Lloyd. When she questions her strength, Lloyd points out that being part of a team makes her stronger than she ever could be alone.

Contest Winners

In Forgive Me, Lloyd struggles with the recent loss of his father Garmadon. In Wake Up, the Ninja find themselves in a strange situation.



  • The Nindroids’ repeated cries of “Terminate” resemble the chants of “Exterminate” and “Delete” associated with the Doctor Who villains, the Daleks and the Cybermen.