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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

The Jade Princess << The Oni and the Dragon >> Snake Jaguar

The Oni and the Dragon
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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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The Oni and the Dragon is the seventy-seventh episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the third episode of season eight.


Having opted to remain aboard the Destiny's Bounty instead of their headquarters, the Ninja begin planning to deal with the threat of the Sons of Garmadon. Learning that Luke Cunningham, the gang member captured during the theft of the Mask of Vengeance, is refusing to cooperate with police, most of the Ninja head out to see what they can do about it. Stopping by Mystake's Tea Shop, they pick up Truth Tea to give to Cunningham, but upon noticing a painting depicting an Oni and a Dragon Lloyd and Jay stay behind to learn more while Cole and Zane go to interrogate Cunningham. Their attempt goes south after Cole switches the two teas and ends up drinking the Truth Tea himself, but they are able to learn that the villains hang out at a bar called Smiley's.

Giving the pair of Ninja Tea of Enlightenment to drink, Mystake shares the tale of the First Realm, home to the Dragons-keepers of the power of creation-and the Oni-wielders of the power of destruction. The First Spinjitzu Master blended the powers of these two races, and created Ninjago after fleeing a conflict over which race would claim him. However, his heritage was passed on to his two sons, with Sensei Wu receiving the light of the dragons from him while the darkness of the Oni arose within Garmadon. Mystake concludes by informing the pair that should the three Oni Masks be reunited, they will have the power to bring Garmadon back from the dead, but bereft of light.

Cole and Zane head to Smiley's in disguise, where they find that the bar is operated by Dareth and learn that the highest-ranking Sons of Garmadon he's acquainted with are Mr. E and Ultra Violet. Cole's cover is blown after a karaoke number, and Zane aids the Sons of Garmadon in apprehending him in an effort to ingratiate himself with the group. The other Ninja then come to Cole's rescue, and end up facing off with Mr. E after he dons the Mask of Vengeance yet again. Lloyd manages to overpower him but is then stopped by the disguised Zane, and realizes what the Nindroid is trying to do after he heads off in company with Mr. E.