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"To challenge them is to court Death!"
―The Other

The Other is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appears in LEGO Marvel's Avengers.


The Other was Thanos' personal ambassador and most-trusted servant. As the envoy of the Mad Titan, he relayed his master's wishes to his greatest allies.

When the Tesseract revealed itself on Earth, the Other provided Loki with a force of Chitauri footsoldiers in an attempt to conquer the Human world and claim the Tesseract. Not long after Loki's arrival on Earth, the Other reminded Loki of Thanos' impatience and his little tolerance for betrayal. He later informed the Mad Titan of the God of Mischief's defeat, concluding that vanquishing the Avengers would be the equivalent of courting Death, to which Thanos smiled.

When Thanos' newest ally, Ronan the Accuser, failed to retrieve the Orb, the Other summoned him to answer the Mad Titan. However, the Kree commander -enraged by Thanos not speaking to him directly - killed the Other for interrupting him halfway through the audience.