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The Punisher is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure introduced in 2021.


The Punisher's torso is black with a white skull on the front, his legs are also black with white boots, his hair is the same as General Zod's. He carries a large gun similar in looks to the one he used in his first comic appearance (Amazing Spider-Man #129)


Frank Castle was a war veteran whose family was killed as a result of gang violence. Filled with rage, he donned a black outfit with a white skull, calling himself "The Punisher." As the Punisher, Castle became a bloodthirsty vigilante with no qualms against killing criminals. At the time, Spider-Man was wanted for the apparent murder of Norman Osborn, and he was next on Punisher's list. However, the two would see their differences and become unlikely allies. He would later encounter Daredevil while trying to take down local drug dealers. Even though Daredevil was furious with Punisher's methods, Punisher didn't see him as an enemy. He would later take down Kingpin with the help of Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger.


Video Game Appearances


  • He is absent from all promotional images for 76178 Daily Bugle except for the image on the box, and LEGO stores were asked not to include him in displays. The reason for this is currently unknown. One reason could be cause his abundance of violent imagery in his appearance in the comics. Another reason is the controversy surrounding his Logo.
  • In a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Screenshot (Shown Below), he is shown with a different Head and hair design.