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The Search for Zane



7 & Up






Kate Howard


March, 2015




The Search for Zane is a Ninjago book released in 2015, written by Kate Howard. It takes place during the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series, specifically during the episode Only One Can Remain.


The story begins with an entry from the journal of Sensei Garmadon, who expounds on the existence of the Elemental Masters, a group of whom the Ninja are a part. He also describes some of his history with Chen, and expresses both his determination and uncertainty. The scene then shifts to Karlof’s elimination from the Tournament of Elements, which is punctuated by his being dropped through a trapdoor. At dinner afterwards, Garmadon and the ninja discuss the troubling development, and decide to start looking for Zane.

After some bickering, due to Cole and Jay still fighting over Nya, the group splits into two small teams. Jay ends up with Kai, and the pair manage to sneak out through the front gates of Chen’s fortress. The others take a higher route, only for Lloyd to suffer a fall. Narrowly escaping detection by Chen’s forces, the five come back together and head into the nearby jungle.

Arriving at a river, the group find rocks engraved with strange symbols, which Lloyd attempts to investigate. He falls into the river, and the others try to save him only for all five to go over a waterfall. They survive, and then discover a cavern containing a massive snakeskin. Chen’s guards arrive to investigate their noisy travels, and the five are forced to take cover.

The group splits up as before, only for Kai and Jay to end up hanging from a cliff after part of it gives way. Fortunately, the cries of a bird they had been following, reminded of Zane’s falcon, bring their friends running. Traveling on together, they find a lovely garden, only to discover it riddled with booby-traps. They also discover an ancient snake symbol, which worries Garmadon.

The Sensei is then caught in a trap, and the Ninja narrowly succeed in freeing him before a troop of guards arrives. Though they haven’t found Zane, the Ninja have rekindled their sense of comradery. They then sneak back into the fortress disguised as Kabuki, and agree that the Ninja will meet in Kai’s room to begin searching the fortress while Garmadon stands sentry. They discover secret passages all throughout the fortress, and become hopeful that they will soon find Zane.