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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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The Titanium Ninja

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

First released/aired:

Air date: June 16 (Australia)&(New Zealand)



The Titanium Ninja is the eighth and final episode in Season 3 of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


General Cryptor and the Nindroids make it back to the Overlord with the gold of the Golden Weapons and the Overlord orders Cryptor to melt the gold to make him a mech. Meanwhile, the ninja are marooned on the comet and are fighting off the parasites that destroyed Arcturus. They all lose hope until Lloyd inspires them to build a new spaceship powered by Zane's 'unlimited' power source. The ninja return to Ninjago by using their elemental powers. When they return, Pixal gives them their vehicles back, but the Overlord's mech is now operational and he is turning the city into an impenetrable fortress. He uses his Golden Power to shoot down their vehicles and sends in the Nindroids. Nya is shot down in her mech and tricks Min-droid into fighting Cryptor. The ninja go and take refuge in a temple where the Overlord's Stone Warriors hid from the First Spinjitzu Master. But the Nindroids shoot the barrier down, but Nya arrives and destroys them with the Destructoid. The ninja return to the city with a shrinking pill, but only to find that the Overlord has completely taken over and become the Golden Master! He has shot out beams of pure energy to create a sort of spiderweb for his mech. The ninja don armour that will protect them and they gain new outfits. The ninja travel along the beams, protected by their armour and drawing the Overlord's fire away from Sensei Wu and Garmadon so that they can hit the pill into the Overlord's mouth. They succeed in hitting it, but Pythor ends up swallowing it and turning smaller! A falcon spots him and eats him up! The Overlord taunts the ninja and captures all but Zane, who rallies the ninja to support him one last time. Zane uses them to jump up to the mech, but when he touches the gold, he begins to glow as no one can survive all of the Golden Weapons' powers at once. The Overlord taunts Zane, but he does not give up, instead he tells the Overlord that this isn't about numbers, it's about family. This weakens the Golden Master's powers and breaks the bonds that hold the ninja. They shout for him to let go, as he will explode, but Zane does not let go, instead he uses his ice powers to freeze the Golden Master. While doing this, he remembers all of his memories with the ninja and with Pixal. Afetr defeating the Overlord, Zane perishes with the Overlord in a massive explosion. The next scene is the citizens of Ninjago City at Zane's funeral where Kai shares a tribute to Zane and Cyrus unveils a statue of Zane and dubbing him the Titanium Ninja. Back at Borg Industries, Pixal is leaning against a window, mourning Zane's death when she hears the first thing that she ever said to Zane. Pixal runs over to the computers and she sees the factory line and heads there. When she reaches there, she opens the door and Zane asks, "Now are we compatible?" Although this is not comfirmed, I think that Zane has become like the Overlod virus, living in computers! [source?]

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