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The Trail of the Treasures! is the second in the series of Pharaoh's Quest online comics. It details the finding of the Golden Staff, and the Soul Diamond.


The story continues on from where the last installment left off, with Jake Raines being pursued by a giant stone scarab. Jake defeats the scarab by jumping over the ruins of a wall,, which the scarab crashes into. The sacrab made inanimate by crashing into the wall, as it was a wall of the Temple of Toth, the sworn enemies of Amset-Ra. The wall has a map carved into it which the adventures then use to determine the location of the other treasures. They then search for the Golden Staff, which they find on a shrine on an outcropping rock that they're car cannot reach. Mac McCloud jumps the gap between them and the rock with his motorcycle, and then blows up the shrine, and it's mummy guardians, with a stick of dynamite.

They then search for, and find, the Soul Diamond, and after a short aerial dogfight with some Flying Mummies, Jake retrieves it. The story is continued in the next installment.


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