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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Nyad << The Turn of the Tide >> Farwell the Sea

The Turn of the Tide

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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The Turn of the Tide is the one hundred and eightieth episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the sixteenth and final episode of season fourteen.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Now one with the sea itself, Nya launches a ferocious attack upon Kalmaar. Her friends arrive to help, but as Nya is distracted by Jay's call Kalmaar unleashes a more powerful blast from his trident that vaporizes her. Kalmaar then orders Wojira against the Ninja, but an enraged Jay leaps atop the beast's head in order to confront the false king. Gripe leads the Maaray Guards in attacking the other Ninja, Wu, P.I.X.A.L., and Prince Benthomaar, who quickly dispatch Kalmaar's minions.

Kalmaar overpowers Jay, but before he can finish him off Bentho leaps in to confront his former brother. The two exchange bitter words as they battle, and while Kalmaar knocks Bentho off of Wojira, Bentho is able to shatter Kalmaar's trident and knock the crown from his head. Kalmaar is left with no means of enforcing Wojira's obedience through pain, and Wojira repays his prolonged torment by swallowing him whole. The angry serpent then turns her attention on the smaller beings below, with Kalmaar's guards fleeing as she prepares to strike.

Unexpectedly, Wojira is struck by a blast of water, which proves to come from a dragon made entirely from the substance. The Ninja soon realize that Nya has returned in another form, and a massive battle ensues between her and Wojira. Wojira eventually unleashes a series of attacks that seemingly destroy Nya again, but as she once again turns on Nya's allies a raincloud condenses and Nya emerges from it. Reverting from her dragon form to humanoid form, she makes a final lunge at Wojira and destroys the Wave Amulet. Without its counterpart, the Storm Amulet's energies run wild, and Wojira is destroyed by a massive bolt of lightning from her own clouds.

Nya lands near her friends, but when Jay attempts to embrace her he passes right through her now watery form. Nya responds strangely to the others' attempts to speak with her, and she is soon distracted by the sea apparently calling to her. Her body ripples from difficulty in retaining her human shape, and she prepares to leave, promising to remember her loved ones. The others plead with her not to go, but after saying goodbye and giving her friends a final message for her mother, Nya dives into the floodwaters below. As a final gift to the city she has helped defend for so long, she draws the sea out of the flooded streets of Ninjago City, before bidding farewell to her friends and heading out into the depths.

Some time later, at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Jay looks at a picture of himself and Nya and struggles to contain his emotions. Maya approaches him, and he is able to pass on Nya's last message to her. He then heads out into the courtyard with Cole, wondering if anyone will come to the ceremony they are holding to honor Nya's sacrifice. They are stunned to find the courtyard filled to overflowing with guests, with many more spilling out the monastery doors and trailing down the steps encircling the mountain. As the crowd looks on, Wu takes charge of a ceremony in which the remaining Ninja and P.I.X.A.L. pour water from small bowls into a large urn in memory of their departed comrade.

Meanwhile, out in the sea, Nya exults in her new state of being, rushing through the depths with the creatures of the ocean that are her new companions...



Spoilers end here.
  • The episode is dedicated to Kirby Morrow, voice actor for Cole and numerous other Ninjago animated series characters. Morrow passed away in Novemeber of 2020.