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The Upply, formerly known as the Lowly, are a group of adventurers from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


The core members of the Upply first came together in the city of Shintaro, each answering a summons from King Vangelis. Fungus, Korgran, and Plundar agreed to seek out the Skull of Hazza D'ur, which Vangelis claimed he wished to see destroyed. After passing through many perils together, the trio found the skull, which they brought back to Vangelis and offered to destroy at his bidding. However, Vangelis in fact sought to make use of the skull's power for his own twisted ends, and responded to the trio's attempts to reason with him by opening a trap door beneath them. The three plummeted deep into the lower regions of the mountain below them, from which elevation they took their name of the Lowly.

The Lowly made several attempts to escape the cavern in which they had landed, but failed each time and came to believe it was impossible. In the process, they were joined by one of the mountain's massive cave spiders, whom they dubbed Adam. After years of entrapment, they were joined by Cole, Vania, and Wu, who had similarly been dropped into the depths by Vangelis. Upon hearing their story, Cole became determined that the entire group would make their way up through the caverns of Shintaro in order to confront Vangelis and stop him. From this intended course, he thus rechristened his new allies the Upply, though Plundar wasn't sure about the name.

During the search, they had to flee the Lava Monster, and at the same time they found the legendary temple of the Earth Elemental Masters, the Heart of the Mountain. There they found the Fire Stone Mech, which they used to get out of the dungeons. Upon reaching the surface, they liberated Vania's dragon, Chompy, and then Hailmar and other guards stormed their attack, but they and Cole managed to escape, and they went to rescue Cole's friends when Wu and Vania were left to fight. While rescuing the other Ninja, they released Geckles and Munce. After that, they all started the final battle against the Skull Sorcerer, the battle was fierce, but Cole managed to destroy the Skull of Hazza D'ur, and so Vangelis, who was the Skull Sorcerer, was captured. And when Vania was crowned as the new queen of Shintaro, they left with a goodbye to Cole when Ninja were leaving.

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In "The Turn of the Tide", the Upply attended a ceremony held in honor of Nya.

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Giant Spider Adam.png

Adam is a massive specimen of the cave spiders that inhabit the inner regions of the mountain of Shintaro.

When Adam met Korgran, Plundar and Fungus while they were looking for the Skull of Hazza D'ur, he has been with them since he met them. But when the skull was found and they brought it to King Vagelis, Vangelis threw them down into the Dungeons of Shintaro. Then when they met Cole, Wu and Vania, they told them their story, and then they helped them back to the ground. Searching for a way back to the surface of the earth, they had to flee from an evil lava monster, and while fleeing the lava monster, they found a legendary temple of the Earth's Elemental Masters, called the "Heart of the Mountain." There they found a Fire Stone Mech they used to get to the ground. Once back on the ground, they released Vania's pet dragon, Chompy, after which Hailmar and the other guards began to attack their bouquet. But Cole was able to escape Korgran, Plundar, Fungus, and with Adam, and they went to rescue Cole's friends, when Vania and Wu were left to fight. Once inside the dungeon of the Skull Sorcerer, they also released in addition to Cole's friends also Geckles and Munce. Then they started the final battle against the Skull Sorcerer, the situation was a bit bad, but Vania and Wu brought help to the fight, and Cole managed to destroy the Skull of Hazza D'ur. And on top of all that, Vangelis, who was the Skull Sorcerer, was captured. And when Vania was crowned Shintaro's new queen, the Upply then returned to their homes.


Fungus (voiced by Ian James Corlett) is a goodly wizard who, as his name implies, uses various mushrooms and fungi to cast spells. He wears white robes with a matching hat and cape, though his years spent in the depths resulted in patches of mold growing on his outfit.


Korgran (voiced by Paul Dobson) is a barbarian warrior from Metalonia, who wields an axe that may or not be magical. The axe occasionally speaks (voiced by Deven Mack) to Korgran, but it is unclear whether this is a magical effect that only applies to him-which is what the axe itself says-or whether Korgan is imagining the whole thing.


Plundar (voiced by Adam Trask) is a rogue who placed great faith in his set of dice, which he threw and checked the numbers of before making any major decision in times past.



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