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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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This May Sting a Bit

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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April 19, 2014


Legends of Chima

This May Sting a Bit is the twenty-sixth episode of Legends of Chima, but only the sixth in season 2 and the season 2 finale.

Cragger mourns over Laval's apparent death and says they must find him. But the rest of the team says that they don't care because he lied to them. But Eris says that he helped them get their Legend Beasts, and they need to help him with his Lion Beast. So they begin their assault on the crawlers. Back at the outland base, Rinona tells Lavertus that they must help their friends. Lavertus says that he will not help if Crominus is there. This confuses Rinona. Lavertus then explains why. A long, long time ago he was in love with the young crocodile princess, Crunket. But Crominus also loved her. So Crominus obtains the seeds for a persuader plant. He uses this plant to persuade Lavertus to stay away from Crunket.

The plants spell worked for a while, but his love for Crunket overcomes. Crominus again persuades Lavertus. He commands him to steal the lion's Chi. He does this, but is caught. Crominus knew he would be exiled for this. Before he begins his exile Crunket gives him her scarf, and he begins his exile. Rinona comforts him but says he should help them anyway, and confront Crominus. Back at the scorpions cave, Scorm says they should give up because they have more weapons, soldiers, and Chi. Down under the cave, Laval awakes to find the Lion Beast trapped on a small island in the middle of a pond. Laval states that he cant swim, just like him. So, using Cragger's statement that water is like friendship, Laval begins swimming towards the beast.

Above, the battle continues. Then Plovar tells Cragger that he will take care of Spinlyn, the spider queen. He approaches her, and tells her to follow him. He shows her a mud pool, and tells her to get in. She does, and asks why. He says that the mud will make her more beautiful, but she will not be able to move. He then leaves her there. Under them, Laval tells the Lion Beast that if he lets the water lift him up, he will be able to swim. Then the Lion Beast begins to swim. Back above, Rogon starts shooting down the Great Scorpion. This angers them, and the Scorpions begin to gain the upper hand. But just then, the Lion Beast jumps out the cave and destroys the Great Scorpion. Cragger asks if they are ready to give up. Scorm then starts shooting out all the exits of the cave. The team attempts to leave but are stopped.

With only one exit left, Scorm aims at it. But before he shoots, a huge beam comes from the tunnel. It turns out to be Rinona and Lavertus, flying in on his WindShadow. Lavertus falls off, right in front of Crominus. Scorm again attempts to shoot down the exit, and succeeds. But Lavertus uses his Golden Chi to lift up the cave long enough for the heroes to escape. But before they leave, Crominus says that he and Lavertus have unfinished business. He approaches Lavertus, but he just whispers in his ear. Crominus returns to Cragger, and the heroes make their leave just as the cave collapses on Lavertus, apparently killing him. Laval mourns, but Cragger tells him they must go on, and that was what Lavertus wanted.

They successfully escape the cave, just as the last few rocks fall. Scorm then appears out of the rubble, saying that it isn't over and he will win. Laval approaches him, and tells him that if really wants Chi, he just has to ask, and hands him an orb. Then, the last rock falls on him. The heroes return to Chima and approach the Lion temple, and Lagravis gives a sonic roar alerting the other tribes of their return. Lagravis gives a warm welcome back, stating all the Legend Beasts have returned, along with his son. While Crominus expresses great joy to see Crunket again.

Then Crominus apologizes to Lagravis for his actions and for underestimating Laval. Lagravis forgives him. But Crominus says that the one he owes the most to is Lavertus. Lagravis becomes confused, saying that Lavertus had been in exile for years. Then Crominus explains to everyone what he did. He begs Lagravis for forgiveness, and he forgives him. They all join below Mt. Cavora, and Lagravis asks how they defeated the Crawlers. Laval explains that they had to rely on inner strength, and, inner Chi. Lagravis then states that there is a piece of Mt. Cavora in all of them.

The Legend Beasts then fly up to Mt. Cavora and restart the falls, along with everyone in Chima celebrating. Back at the Scorpion cave, Scorm says that his lust for Chi made him broken, defeated, and alone. He angrily throws the orb of Chi into a ravine, not knowing that it just awoke Sir Fangar.

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