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  • In the videogame, Laval's Journey, I would like to unlock Skinnet or Furtivo so that I have access to the small character areas. Does anyone know how to do this?

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    • On a Lego Chima magazine i have when i got Ninjago Coles earth drill was attached to the lego club magazine they gave me. on the middle page it has fierce tribes of chima. on each minifigure of 2013 there is a description. it says under furty is a fast talking and clever thief. on the page before it shows each tribes logo. on the middle page they swithcd the eagles and wolves and it is noticibl. so i assume he is a bad guy. i might be wrong. need to wait until they say. sorry about bad grammar

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    • I found the answer to my own question regarding Skinnet, so I thought I'd share. In the Spiral Mountain level, after you unlock a croc, there's a water area in the foreground just after a gate you have to get around. Drop into the water and solve the puzzle to unlock Skinnet. Found a video of it too (not made by me):

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