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    00:56, January 27, 2018

    I recently bought the Cafe Corner and Green Grocer from a friend who's son no longer wanted them. Dirt cheap, I mean WAY under even what they sold for originally. The boxes are pretty worn, but the Cafe Corner bags were never opened. The Green Grocer has a ziplock in it, some stray parts and maybe half the bags still unopened. The boxes aren't anywhere near mint. Part of me was hoping they had been fully opened so I'd get some enjoyment of putting them together. Now I'm wondering if I'd just devalue them (or at least the Cafe Corner) buy opening the bags. Are they worth more if the bags are unopened even though the box is torn and taped together?

    I'm thinking I may just bite the bullet and open the rest of the Green Grocer and put it together if just to make sure it's all there and nothing was lost (and enjoy it).

    I stumbled on this site and figured you guys might have some advice. I've never been an "online" lego person, but I've got my own collection of space legos from 1977 on up into the early 90's. Most of them aren't worth a ton and they mean a lot to me so I've never tried to sell any of them...but it seems these modulars can go for $300-600, so I'm just looking for some advice from what I assume are a bunch of DIE HARD lego lovers.

    thanks! :)

    By the way, I'm not trying to sell them on here, if I decide to sell, they're going on ebay and there won't be any links back here, I'm really just trying to get advice as to what I should do. Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules.

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