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  • So, on Greg Cipes' Wikipedia page, I read that Mikey will be played by him in The LEGO movie. But based on what I've heard about his roll in the LEGO Movie, he doesn't seem like he'll be in it much. Unless his part in the intro to the Master Builders part is bigger.

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    • He might get his imagination sucked out by Lord Buisness and say like: "Uh-Oh Dudes!This weird thing looks un-normal!" And then he's hit by the machine. "BOO-OOO-OOO-AAAAKKKK-AAAAA-SHAAAAAAA!!!!!"

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    • Yeah, I have a feeling that he'll say one of the TMNT chatchphrases. So hel most likelly say Boo-ya-ka-sha, or chowabunga, or both.

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