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    Nominations over
    23:53, May 27, 2014

    Things seems to be going well here :) Thank you ToaMatau for doing a great job as admin, and to everyone else for keeping the wiki a happy and healthy place

    So with things seeming stable, it's time to add another admin (or admins)

    The process is going to be the same as last time, with two stages. The first is to nominate people you think would be good admins here; the second is to vote for those nominees, and make your decisions

    The nomination stage will run from today until Monday May 26th. Then the voting stage will be one week, starting on Tuesday May 27th.

    As before, votes from those not active on this wiki will be discounted. And once again staff will have a veto on any candidates. Hopefully this will be the last time that's necessary!

    The biggest need is for Brickipedia to have admins who are focused on and dedicated to this wikia. So anyone keen on being admin must keep that in mind. Can you happily work towards making this the best LEGO wiki in existence. If so, you might be the right person to join ToaMatau as an admin for this wikia!

    Please do not use this thread to discuss the voting process or the situation on the wiki, this page is for nominations only.

    Please add your nominations below...

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