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  • So I just discovered today the new video game releases this year of Marvel's Avengers and Dimensions. I thought that Dimensions will be cool, and the Avengers game the same.

    My thoughts: I am hoping that the Avengers game will included other films besides Avengers and Age of Ultron, but my expectations are low, due to what LEGO did with the Hobbit video game.

    For Dimensions, I had a few questions. One, is this basically LEGO's Disney Infinity? Two, will each of the Fun Packs include two things (a figure and buildable) and a DLC, or do you just buy the pack to have the figures in the game? I know that no one else would really have anything to answer these (besides theories/predictions), but any comments would be highly appreciated.

    And also, does anyone foresee a new LEGO Star Wars game being released, encompassing at least the six films (and Episode VII)?

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    • I think Dimensions is basically another Disney Infinity, yeah, but it does look cool. If they use the system they did for LMSH, Avengers should turn out great.

      Honestly, I'm waiting for LEGO Star Wars IV: Rebels. The show is perfect for a LEGO video game, with humor, awesome fight scenes, and some good old-fashioned explosions... with an artistic twist if Sabine's involved, of course. :)

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    • I agree! I am awaiting LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Marvel's Avengers as well.

      With your reply for a LEGO Star Wars IV, I like the idea you had. Maybe they could re-release the six films (and episode VII, if its out by then), and maybe season one of Rebels as the levels for the show in the game. And, possibly, they could release some DLC packs for the Clone Wars of maybe some levels and characters. But, this is all speculation: for all we know, there could not be any fourth Star Wars game.

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