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  • Anyobdy have any ideas if technic is gonna be making any sets? I also have some ideas for sets

    Crop Duster:

    Clear the fields for this light and nimble helicopter!

    In the world of agriculture, bugs eat the crops. To stop this, helicopters apply pesticides to the crops to keep the pests away. This unique 2-in-1 model also includes a crop duster plane, with working rudder and ailerons. Fly to the fields to get the job done, doing big U-Turns along the path.

    • Helicopter features joy-stick like controls for pitch, and roll.
    • Plane features working rudder and ailerons
    • Spin the wing and tail rotor

    Rally Car:

    Bolt down the dirt paths with this lightning fast hatchback!

    Race through the narrow dirt roads in this mind-numbing rallye car, build for offroading and sliding through turns. This splendid accurate model of a real WRC rallye car modeled by expert LEGO® Technic designers to the most realistic race vehicle ever made. Features steering, opening doors, working suspension, and spotlights.

    • Combine with 8293 power functions for working LED headlights and spotlights.
    • 2-In-1 model: Rebuilds into a supercar.
    • Feel the turbocharged inline 6's turbos spool up
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