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  • Jack Fury: Curtis Arnott Steve: Steve Busemi Macy: Erin Matthews Lord Vortech: same Red: Jason Sudekis Chuck: Josh Gad Bomb: Danny mc bride Matilda: Maya Rudolph Stella:Kate Mc Kinnon Leonard: Bill Hader Herobrine:? Solomon Blaze:Jeff Rechner other characters Leonardo: Seth Green Rafael: Sean Astin Miguelangelo: Greg Cipes Donatello: Rob Paulsen Splinter: Hoon Lee April O Neil: Mae Whitman Casey Jones: Josh Peck Shredder: Kevin Micheael Richardson Adam Acid:Jared Lee Terabyte:Maxwell Glick Tremor: Sean Boyle Toxikita:Lani Minella

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    • part 2: Lord Vortech same Indiana Jones:Same Irina Spalko:Cate Blankchett Alex:Alexia Khadime Mallock The Mallign:? Pirate RedBeard:? Jestro: Vincent Tong Lavaria:Grey Leslie Clay Moorington and Beast Master:Giles Panton Aaron Fox:Alessandro Juliani Lance Richmond:Ian Hanlin Axl:Brian Dummond Book Of Monsters: Mark Oliver

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    • I know I say this a lot but THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER STARTER PACK FOR LEGO DIMENSIONS!!! It's a big pet peeve of mine, since LEGO themselves said it will never happen. And even if all this content is accessible through some sort of pack for the first game, it would just seem like a paywall.

      Thus concludes my rant about an almost 1-year old post. Now excuse me while I do something useful with my life. Or not.

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